Saturday, March 23, 2013

just call me lazy

I'm not sure when I last pulled out our big camera or even the small camera in the diaper bag.  We've just been doing day to day stuff, staying busy, but nothing fascinating enough to get a real camera out I guess, ha!  Here are a few iphone shots from the past few weeks.
Emmy enjoyed sitting at the table in a big kid high chair at dinner last Friday night.
The grand kids were having a sleepover at MeMa and PaPa's after dinner.  Emmy made sure she didn't get left behind!

 Bryce and Emmy were playing basketball at my parent's house the other day and it made me think back to when we got Bryce this hoop.  I think he was the exact same age as Emmy is right now.

Bryce drew me a basketball hoop on his magna doodle the other day.
Last weekend we went out and hopefully got the rest of the things Bryce will need for t-ball.  His face mask for his helmet came in this week so now he is officially ready!
I'm not sure if Emmy likes going places or if she just likes wearing her jacket but she has been bringing me her hat and jacket to put on her all week.
I have no idea what this post is going to look like once it's published.  I uploaded the pictures from my blogger app on my phone and then added a few more from the computer.  For some reason it won't let me center things without deleting pictures and it's putting text boxes around pictures and not letting me type.........ugh!  The preview box shows the caption along the side of one of my pictures.  It doesn't look like this on my post screen so who knows.

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