Thursday, July 26, 2012

thursday thoughts

  • I have been the worst blogger lately.  
  • I'm exhausted.  It's been almost two months since Emmy stopped sleeping through the night and I'm still not used to getting up during the night to feed her 1-2 times again.
I may not be getting a good night sleep, but who could get upset with this sweet face!
  •  We got rid of cable and our home phone a few months ago to save some money to help my new stay at home mom budget.  It's been an easy adjustment, except I REALLY miss HGTV.  Luckily our tv is new enough that it picks up local digital channels so I still have TLC and Food Network to get me through!
  • Jason went to a local cupcake bakery today and brought home some delicious cupcakes as an early start to my birthday celebration.  He got me a cookies and cream, red velvet, and chocolate hazelnut with Nutella.  YUM!
  • I got my hair highlighted today.  I.don'  The same girl has highlighted my hair the same way for years.  Today she decided that she wanted to use some other kind of color that is more "green" and healthier for my hair than bleach.  I told her I didn't want it, but she insisted on doing some new color and some bleach.  When I got a good look at my hair when I got home, I noticed my hair was orange.  I went back and she tried to fix it.  I didn't have time for her to dry it so I just left there curly.  Hopefully I'll like what I see when I style my hair tomorrow.
  • Bryce has had swimming lessons this week.  He loves the water (when he can touch the bottom).  He hates swimming lessons and any guided pool activities.  The director of the swim program we are using came out today to help with his lesson.  She was amazing!  Bryce spent more of the lesson under water than he did above water.  We went to the pool tonight so he could show Jason what he learned.  He cried and screamed the majority of the time.  He did calm down some and did some tricks, but good gracious we have a ways to go.  Hopefully 4 more sessions next week will help him!
  • Emmy girl is getting more steady while sitting up.  I can't believe how quickly she is changing. 
It's a little blurry but I was afraid to let her go on her own for too long.
Hopefully I won't be such a stranger to the blog in the coming days.  I do have a fun post scheduled for tomorrow so come on back! 

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La Dolce Vita said...

She is SOOOOO CUTE! Cade has been an awful sleeper lately too? Is it due to teething? Exhausting for sure, i feel ya!