Friday, July 20, 2012

A day at the lake

We headed to the lake with my parents today. It's probably been at least a year since we have been out on the boat with them so it was time! We had a wonderful day.  Somehow I didn't snap a picture of Bryce and Nanny, but she was there and Bryce enjoyed sitting with her while we rode.  I uploaded the pictures on my blogger app so the pictures aren't in the order I had hoped.

Bryce enjoyed playing in the water.  We told him he has to wear a life jacket or swimmies in the water until he learns how to swim.  He is scared to death of water that is too deep for him to touch the bottom, but he loves the shallow water.  However, he has no concept of the slope in water so he will walk forever in a river or lake and not fear a thing.  So that's why he is wearing a life jacket in 3 inches of water, ha!

The boys were watching the waves the boat was making.  Macy enjoyed tagging along on this trip.

Bryce was Pap's co-pilot.  He really enjoyed the horn.  I was never expecting it when he beeped it.  I think I jumped out of my skin every time he hit it!

Emmy enjoyed her first boat ride.

It's nice that the boat is big enough that the kids can play on the floor.  Maybe we'll get back to the lake again sooner that we did between our last two visits.

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