Sunday, July 29, 2012

more weekend fun

Bryce has a few friends who share my birthday so we had fun at some kid birthday parties this weekend.  First we swam at Kathryn's party.

These big inflatable pools seem to be the rage!  Bryce enjoyed playing with the other kids and seemed to be a lot more brave in the water after a week of swimming lessons.

Emmy enjoyed the party too (while she was awake), ha!  She may have had a green mouth after tasting the icing on the birthday cake!

Later in the afternoon we headed to Jason's cousins house for Sarah's party.  She wasn't very excited about getting her picture taken with Bryce!

Sarah's older sister Hannah was much more inclined to picture taking!  The party was rainbow themed and the decorations and food were perfect.

In between the two parties we had a Splash Spectacular at church as a follow-up to VBS earlier this summer.  Bryce enjoyed playing in the water and practicing the songs they had learned.  This morning in church the kids performed one of the songs again.  Too cute!

We're headed to a family birthday celebration for me tonight.  It sure has been a fun weekend of celebrating!

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