Tuesday, July 19, 2011

making progress

Day 2 of swimming lessons went much better.  We got to the pool a few minutes early so I had Bryce sit on the steps to get used to the water and practice some of the things he did yesterday.  He was slow to warm up with me, but went right with Tyler when he came for the lesson.  I didn't even have to get in the pool today!

They practiced kicking (he kicks about twice and then he's done) and using his arms to swim (he can't seem to grasp the movement and he would rather hold onto to Tyler's hands for support (see below). Bryce still isn't willing to put his mouth in the water and blow bubbles. 

They used the step a lot to practice kicking. 

Bryce jumped into the water to Tyler which was a HUGE deal.  Whenever he jumps in the pool to me, he wants to hold my hands rather than letting me catch him in his armpits.  He did it right away the correct way for Tyler.  Of course by the end of the lesson he didn't like it anymore so I threw him in to Tyler and he went under a tad and it wasn't the best ending to the lesson, but he got over it pretty quickly.

He was much braver today and not as fussy.  I think it helped that he had warmed up to Tyler a little bit and was more familiar with him.  I'm hoping by the end of the week he will be able to blow some bubbles in the water.

I told Bryce that we would get a Slurpee as a treat if he didn't cry today and did everything Tyler asked him to.  He did great and deserved a treat! 

After seeing these pictures, I've decided that my point and shoot camera is a piece of junk (the pictures seem so blurry) and I'm going to try and only use my SLR from now on!  We'll see though, it's just so much to lug around. 

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