Tuesday, July 12, 2011

beatin' the heat

It is H.O.T. here this week.  Bryce and I got up and going early this morning to beat the heat.  When I asked him what he wanted to do today he said go to the playground.  So we left the house about 8:30 in order to get in some outside time before it was unbearably hot.  Luckily the first twenty minutes were cloudy!

After the playground we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to cool off and do a little shopping.  It is near Panera and we can't get close to that place without visiting the ducks and fish.  We walked through the parking lot and sweated to death, but Bryce was happy!

So to cool off again, we headed to Barnes and Noble to play trains.  It just so happened they were having story time while we were there so we hung around.  I must say, our local library does one hundred times better with their story time.

Tonight we're headed to the pool to keep cool.  I'm hoping for cooler temperatures real soon!

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Melissa said...

So are y'all going to the youth thing? I'm trying to talk Steven into it.