Monday, July 25, 2011

it's been a while

I realized today it had been a while since I last blogged so I tried to snap a few pictures of Bryce this evening. Bryce helped Jason make some Amish Friendship bread tonight.  We were a few days late making it, but it still turned out pretty good.  Jason doesn't like the concept of making the batter and then giving it to people to sit on their counter for 10 days (since it has milk in it).  He says that eventually someone could get a starter bag that has been sitting out for years, ha!  So we threw out the starters and just made our batch.  Sorry to anyone who may have wanted a bag.  The train stopped here!

We went to a pool party last night and Bryce was introduced to goggles.  He liked them so much that I picked up some for him and Chase at the store this morning.  Bryce is clearly in love with his!

The other night we went to Jason's cousin's house for dinner.  Bryce enjoyed playing with their kids Hannah and Sarah.  They were also babysitting Dylan who is the son of another one of Jason's cousins.  It was quite a family gathering!  They enjoyed watching Toy Story, playing trains, and making a wreck of the house!

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