Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back to work

I am officially back at work. This week of getting my classroom ready and organizing student information, etc. is going to kill me. I feel like I go 90 mph all day and then I'm totally stressed out because I know the next day holds the exact same thing. Who said that being a teacher is easy?? I really dreaded going back to work because I REALLY enjoyed being home with Bryce. At least I am so busy during the day that I don't think about it TOO much!. I know he is in great hands at Kelly's and he is probably having more fun playing with Chase than he would if he were home with me!

Chase makes a good babysitter.

I just had to post this picture so everyone could see a picture of Bryce without the "deer in the headlight" eyes. ha! It may have been bright outside causing him to squint, but I'm just going to keep thinking that his eyes really aren't THAT big! Kelly said we are going to have to get Bryce a swing because he LOVES it. Then we can get him a personalized licence plate just like Chase's. (Thanks for the pictures Kelly).

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Laura Hamilton said...

Hi - you don't know me but I used to work with your husband's Aunt Vicki and I remember when Jason got married! HA! - I'm getting old!!! I follow Kelly's Korner and saw that someone else from Mechanicsville blogged, and than I saw who you are. Small world! Anyway, your little guy is so very cute!!! Just wanted to tell you. Where do you teach?