Thursday, September 17, 2009

video post

Bryce is becoming more active and more animated as the days go by. A picture didn't seem like it would really get the point across so I tried videos. Jason insists we need to get a video camera since the clips from the digital camera get so distorted by the time they make it to the blog. Oh well. Bryce has been pulling himself up to standing when we hold onto him, but just recently he has started to do it all by himself. You can tell he has to work so hard to get up...........listen to his breathing. Too cute!

I don't think there is anything better than a baby giggle! Laughing always turns into the hiccups. I think he takes in too much air while he is laughing.

Bryce loves spinning his ABC wheel.

We attempted to take some video of him starting to crawl (or attempt to crawl) but none of them were that great. He can move himself about 2-3 feet before he gets mad.

I'll try not to wait so long in between posts next time. It's just hard making time for all my many roles these days (mom, wife, teacher, youth sponsor, and just being me). Oh yeah.....did I mention that Jason and I are youth sponsors for the middle school kids this fall?! We took the students to play laser tag this week for the Kick Off. I'm not sure taking on this endeavor was the smartest thing to do with an almost 7 month old, but we really felt like this was something we should do. And I don't think Bryce or Nana will complain about their weekly Wednesday night play date as a result!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! Children are such a blessing! I know what you mean about a video camera. My inlaw gave us one as a present for our first Christmas with our daughter. You just want to bottle all those special moments and remember them! Blessings, Ginger