Monday, September 14, 2009


We are having so much fun trying out new foods with Bryce. He has liked everything we have given him except green beans. They were the first thing we tried so I think if we went back to them now, he might like them. Since the last food update, we have added applesauce, squash, carrots and pears to the menu. He loves them all. He really enjoys the baby bananas so I tried putting a real banana in the mesh food bag and he LOVES it. We took some pictures of him eating it tonight, but the video is just the best. All his little slurping noises crack me up!

I don't have any pictures of his latest accomplishments, but he is getting better at pulling himself up and dragging (almost crawling) himself across the floor. I feel like he just started sitting up and now he is doing even more. He's growing up so fast and I'm missing it being at work ALL day. I'm having a very hard time adjusting to being back at work this time. The start of the school year is just SO busy and I can't seem to get ahead. I'm hoping I do soon because I would love to spend more than 4 hours a day with Bryce :(


Anonymous said...

Your son is to precious! Hope he is enjoying trying yummy new foods. My daughters middle name is Grace, so I love that name! Have a great week, Ginger

Sara said...

How sweet! I love the slurping noises :) I showed Emma the video because she LOVES looking at other babies and she starting laughing and then pointed and said "ba bee" :)