Thursday, September 24, 2009

clean boy

Is it bad if you can't even remember the last time you gave your child a bath? Well, we remember the last time we gave Bryce a bath, but we don't really want to admit when that was. This week has just been a whirl wind. We normally give Bryce a bath every other night. He got his regularly scheduled bath on Sunday, which means he would have been ready for a bath on Tuesday. I had back to school night Tuesday and I was just getting home when Bryce was ready for bed so he didn't make it into the bath that night. We should have given him a bath last night, but it was our first night with the middle school youth group and we got home right at bedtime again. We finally got Bryce into the bathtub tonight and he had a ball.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics.! Bath time is so fun! I know what you mean between attending church or other things throughout the week sometimes we get home past bedtime and forget the bath! lol Have a good weekend, Ginger