Monday, August 31, 2009

cute pjs and a favorite toy

I got the camera out tonight because I wanted to take a picture of Bryce in his pajamas. I just think these are really cute, maybe it's the bright colors!
typical Bryce face

This is Bryce's FAVORITE toy. It hangs on the wall beside his changing table. He chews on it the entire time I change his diapers. He has figured out how to take the ring off so he takes it with him everywhere he goes. He especially likes playing with it in the bathtub. ha!

You can't see Macy, but that's what Bryce is looking at. He is fascinated by her.

And here is Macy giving Bryce kisses.


Heather said...

love macy giving bryce kisses! and i think you're right, he does have big (beautiful) eyes.

A Wedding Story said...

Those pajamas are a hoot!