Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a room full of Charleses (that's Charles plural...ha!)

I'm going to go ahead and apologize that I don't have a picture to go with my title, but I wasn't thinking about my post title while I was taking pictures tonight. So let me explain. I kind of feel like this is a joke that you have to explain and then it isn't funny. I have to put in too much effort to explain myself, but it's worth it. ha! Our friends Russ and Jenny came over tonight and brought their son Charles "Charlie". Russ's first name is Charles, Jason's first name is Charles, and Bryce's middle name is Charles. We had 4 Charleses (is that really how you make that plural?!?) in one place tonight. Okay, so now that I got that cleared up, look at this cutie.
I think Charlie was singing his ABC's while Bryce spun the ABC wheel

Bet you can't guess who is older. ha! Charlie is 3 months and Bryce is 5 months, but I think they weigh about the same. Please excuse Bryce's chest hanging out. The buttons won't stay buttoned and it drives me CRAZY. You can see me trying to remedy the situation in the next picture.

I just love how Bryce is looking at Charlie. I think he wants to ask Charlie if he will come and play with him everyday!

We'll have to put Bryce in his Hokie attire the next time we get together. Something tells me Charlie will still be wearing orange and maroon the next time we see him!