Friday, August 14, 2009

can I have some?

Bryce has gotten to the point where he wants everything that we have. He totally understands eating and he loves his cereal. I feel like I need to feed him every time we eat because he watches every move we make and opens his mouth when we move our forks to our mouth. He is starting to do the same thing when we are drinking. Tonight I was going to let him put his mouth on my straw and see what he did with it, but I was worried it would stab his gum and hurt him, so I just gave him the cup instead.

He knows how he is suppose to hold it

And he knows how to drink from it

He is very serious about the water! We're taking a poll.......what color are his eyes?!?

And you know it was good when it's dripping from your face (and when Daddy's pants are soaked). Pretty sure none of it actually made it into his mouth. ha!


Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, and Maggie said...

They look brown to me! What color do you guys think they are?!

Sara said...

I think they look brown... but maybe on the hazel side of brown. Either way, he's absolutely adorable :)