Friday, January 8, 2016

happy new year

Here we are, one week into the new year, and I really haven't made any positive changes to start this year off better than I ended 2015.
I posted this picture to instagram on New Year's Day.  I woke up with a pep in my step and a fleeting moment of excitement for making a change in 2016.  I lost my way towards the end of last year.  I was over committed and gave up taking care of myself.  My motto was "just get through the day".  I vowed to take care of me this year.  I'm sad to say I've only exercised twice and I'm already a day behind in my devotional.  I think I've even lost and gained back 2 pounds this week.  I knew going into this year that I would still be over committed until school was out, but I was just hoping I could find a way to deal with the stress a little better.  There's always next week, right?!  I've made some decisions that are going to help lighten the load here soon, but I just have to keep on keeping on for a bit longer!

I took this picture on Wednesday night to document the fact that my baby will be turning 4 in a month.  I'm so sad about this and can't believe how fast time has flown.  I feel like I've lost valuable time with her this year with my busy schedule and I'm saying no to a lot next school year so I can focus on her before she goes to school.

We switched the kids' rooms over the summer and I redecorated Bryce's room after the move.  Emmy was still in her toddler bed and loving it so I wasn't in a rush to move her just yet.  Fast forward 5 months and some Christmas money later, I was ready to make the move to a big girl bed and big girl d├ęcor.  I've got a few more things to purchase and then actually put things on the wall and I'll be done.  I can't wait to show off her sweet new room!

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