Saturday, January 23, 2016

snow day #1

So, snow storms have names now!  They canceled school for Friday on Thursday afternoon in preparation for "Jonas".  We made a breakfast donut run in our pajamas before the snow started.
Emmy still had gymnastics so we all went and watched.  It started snowing while we were there and had already accumulated when we left.

We got home and all hunkered down.  Emmy can appreciate a snow day.  Bryce however ran circles around the downstairs until it was time to play in the snow.

We went out around 3:00 once there was enough snow to play in. 

We met up with Bryce's friend Patrick for some sledding.

Snow buddies.

We stayed out for almost two hours, but it was miserable.  Courtney and I huddled up against the school to shield the wind and snow.  Looks like we were in time out!

We finished the evening with dinner and games at the Jacksons.  It was quite a fun snow day and I'm sure there will be a few more before getting back to normal life!

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