Sunday, January 24, 2016

snow day #3

Today was such a fun day!  We had a "BelJackLock" breakfast at our house with the neighbors and then headed out for a morning of sledding.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but the snow is deep!
Our friend Justin brought Emmy's friend Avery over to sled with us.  After our snow disc broke, we pulled out the swimming pool.

Eating some snow to stay cool.  It was quite a workout walking back up the hill. Thankfully, Emmy walked up by herself most times this year.

I got a little brave while sledding.  Falls sure do hurt the older you get!
Jason eventually brought out his inflatable boat.

It was a big hit.

We all took a few turns.

A video of a boat ride!
The gang's all here.

We went back out for some night sledding and boy it was a bit colder without the sun.

And what's a snow day post without a sleeping picture of Emmy.  She curled up in the chair to watch football and fell fast asleep.

School is closed to tomorrow so who knows what kind of fun we'll get into.

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