Saturday, January 23, 2016

last week

The kids spent the night with Jason's parents on Sunday night since there was no school on Monday.  This little girl always comes home worn out!  I ended up taking her to the doctor on Wednesday for an ear infection.  It was the first one she's ever had.
Tuesday I went to the store to prep for the weekend snow storm.  You got to get all the essentials, right?!
Bryce's school had reptile night on Tuesday.  It was fun last year so we went back for more this year.  Bryce has decided to have them do his birthday party this year!

Emmy and I picked Chase and Taylor up from school on Wednesday.  It doesn't matter how excited she is to see them, she just can't stay awake on the drive over. 

This little lady turned 10 on Wednesday!

Bryce's school had spirit night at Chick Fil A on Thursday so we brought Thomas along with us before everyone got snowed in!

Next up, SNOW!!!

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