Saturday, January 16, 2016

a slower pace

Last Sunday afternoon was full of laziness!!  Once we finally got home from church, lunch and our other activities, we parked it on the couch.  My two favorite girls napped in my lap for a long while and I loved it!! 
Emmy and I did a little Valentine crafting this week.  This little puppy dog mask makes her look so sad.  She totally didn't believe me that it was a dog.  She thought it was a ladybug, ha!

Nina and Pop sent Target gift cards for Christmas so we took the kids to do a little shopping one night last week.  Bryce is still very much in love with monster trucks and Legos.  There aren't many of either that he doesn't already have.

Emmy chose Frozen pajamas and a pink truck because she loves to play cars with Jason on the car mat!

Emmy was playing dress up on Friday afternoon and I cracked up with her outfit choice (light up shoes, lots of tulle, a wand, tiara and wings). 

I'm looking forward to another lazy Sunday afternoon/evening tomorrow.  I came down with strep throat this week (Bryce had it over Christmas) and I'm finding recovery is not as quick as an adult.  Bryce bounced back quick.  I on the other hand still don't feel 100%. 

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