Sunday, January 17, 2016


The word snow had been thrown around this week, but I had no idea the forecasters actually knew what they were talking about!  But sure enough, I looked out this morning and it was snowing!!  After getting dressed for church, the kids ran out to catch a few snowflakes on their tongue!
The snow eventually started accumulating on the grass so Bryce made a few snowballs.

Oh, the excitement of the first snow!

We had lunch at Jason's uncle's house after church and the kids couldn't resist a little snowball fight!

We dressed the kids in their snow gear when we dropped them off at Jason's parent's house for a little more fun before the snow melted.

Bryce's attempt at a snowman.

Sometimes I just love the back view as much as the front!

The kids had fun, but now they're even more ready for a real snow.

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