Sunday, October 26, 2014

we've been having fun

I went out with some girls from my MOPS group on Thursday night and we had the best time.  We painted pottery and then got ice cream.
I'm pretty excited about my chevron plate.  I used frog tape to get the nice lines!  I wish I had painted the stripes a coral color and then I could have gone back over it with the blue to do a monogram.  Oh well, maybe next time!

Even though this picture is from Saturday night, our Friday night looked the same, minus the pumpkins.  We had some friends who have started coming to our church over Friday night to do s'mores. 

Saturday night we had friends come over to carve pumpkins, eat chili and roast more s'mores. 

We bought such a big pumpkin that we were able to do two designs. 

Our kids love any chance they can get to play with baby Aaron.
After our friends left, we headed down the street to a neighbor's house where we hung out for a while and the kids were spoiled with toys and such.  They were excited to play with them this morning since it was TOO late last night once we finally got home.

Bryce LOVES legos.  He started the set before church.

He finished it once we got home from church!

Happy Sunday and happy weekend everyone.  We're off to our last race in a little bit!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Bryce you did an excellent job on your Lego truck! Thomas loves those little ones, but he gets too frustrated and can't do it by himself (Or even with help), so daddy ends up doing 90% of the work. It takes great patience and concentration--good job!

Grace, I love your plate! Of course I love anything crafty!

And, Emmy, as always you are precious!