Sunday, October 26, 2014

rewind to LAST sunday

Last Sunday was super busy.  Bryce and Jason left right after church to get a quick lunch before heading out to visit people for home communion, with a stop for a birthday party in between visits.  Preschool and baseball friend, Henry, invited him to Pump It Up to jump to celebrate his 6th birthday.
Bryce and Henry are two shy peas in a pod!  Bryce was nervous about going because he would only know Henry and he was worried he'd be playing with his other friends.  He was glad that Jason went with him and jumped with him at the party.  He and Henry played together a lot too!

While the boys were out, Emmy and I went to a baby shower for Jason's cousin Vanessa.  She'll be adding another little girl to the mix come December.
We all met back up later in the evening for Bryce's weekly race.  Emmy had shown some interest in it so I told her she could run in the last race.  However, the more we talked about it, she was ready to start right away!


She jumped right in with the other kids and never looked back.

She loved E.V.E.R.Y. second of it.  Look at the smile on her face at the end when she comes up to the finish line.  Priceless!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Look at you Em!! You are going to be a little athlete like your big brother!!

Great job to you and Bryce for running!

And, Happy Birthday Henry! We hope you had a great day!