Saturday, October 18, 2014

mechanicsville miler

Each year, Bryce's school has a 5k fundraiser called the Mechanicsville Miler.  We have sat out on the driveway in the past and cheered on the runners as they pass.  This year we were excited to be a part of the events.  We watched all the runners come by before heading to the school for Bryce to run the 100 yard dash.  This year the miler (Run for Renee) had a special meaning as the school celebrated the life of one of their first grade teachers (our friend Renee) who passed away this summer. 
Bryce ran the 100 yard dash which was broken into grade levels so he only competed against kindergarteners!  He was excited to run with a few of his friends from class.
Go Bryce, go!

He came in second place.  He was neck and neck with a girl until the very end, but he kicked it into gear because he couldn't let a girl beat him!

Cousin Sarah who is also in Bryce's class did the 5k and we met up with her after the race.  The sun was bright, ha!

We stopped at the Kona ice truck on the way home and the kids enjoyed making their own treat!

We're having lots of fun getting involved at Bryce's school and getting to know the people in our community even more!

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Shipley Mommy said...

It was nice to share this morning with you guys (because we love sharing all our times with your amazing family)!

And, congrats Bryce for taking the race by storm! 2nd place is awesome!