Sunday, July 21, 2013

sandbridge 2013

We had the BEST week at the beach.  We could not have asked for better weather and company!
The girls in their yellow bikinis.

The boys were very brave this year. 

They spent lots of time in their life jackets out in the ocean past the waves.
Sunscreen mohawk hair.

Emmy is a beach bum like the rest of us!

We brought plenty of toys to play with while we were in the house, but none of us have a top bunk at home to play on

Matching suits.

Kelly did Emmy's hair this week.  Love.the.pigtails.
Jason had fun too.


The tight space of the pack n' play was the preferred place to play.

Our family.
The whole gang (Comps, Whitlocks, and Caddells).

Here is a look back to Sandbridge 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

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Shipley Mommy said...

I had to scroll (fast) past the fish pictures (I have issues, I know ;), but the rest of your pictures are great! Emmy was one stylish beach babe--and you know me and matchy matchy things--awesome!! Glad you all had a great time, and thanks for the shells for Thomas!