Monday, July 22, 2013

more beach pictures

I had a few more beach pictures on my phone that I wanted to share.  If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen most of these.  If you aren't following me and want to, you can find me at gwhitlock.  And if you want to see even more of our beach pictures, you can head over to Kelly's blog.
Our friends Grant and Brittany joined us this year and we finally got to meet their son, Gavin.  Emmy loved him.  Actually I think she was jealous that he had a paci and she was scheming a way to get it. 

We love ice cream.  Good to the last drop!

These two cuties loved the beach.  I love how tan and blonde they are now!

Did I mention we love ice cream?!?

Jason decided to park his truck in the sand off the driveway since it was so big and we had so many cars in the driveway.  He got stuck!  Do you see the blue shovel on the ground?  That was his answer to getting the truck out.  Unfortunately the shovel didn't work (believe it or not), but luckily someone staying across from us had a Jeep with a winch.  We enjoyed watching the show from the house!

One day after lunch we left the kids napping with the grandparents and headed down to the beach café for some beach refreshments!

I was so in love with the pigtails Kelly gave Emmy during the week.

Emmy hasn't been taking a morning nap for about a month.  However, vacation wore her out and she ended up napping with MeMa on the beach every morning.  Jason was excited to get to nap with her on the last day!

Apparently I can't have too many pictures of this sweet girl.  Bryce really was there and had a great time, but he and Chase spent most of their time in the water so I just had more opportunities to get pictures of Emmy!

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