Sunday, July 7, 2013

Emmy at 17 months (a day late)

*All the pictures look the same, but when you're this cute, you can never have too many of the same!
Emmy is still the happiest, most go with the flow little lady!

When it come to documenting, I haven't done so well this month.  Her vocabulary is growing with new words like thank you, bless you, napkin, milk, wa-wa (water or any drink really), bowl, and cookie to name a few.

Everything is still the color blue, but she can say purple and yellow.  We're working on counting, she says 2 and that's it!  Any words she sees written (mostly chalk on the driveway) she says "E" and if she sees something to write with (crayons, markers, chalk, pens) she says "E" because she wants to write or draw.

We've been pretty busy this summer so I've pretty much gotten her into a one nap a day routine now.  She's had a lot of late nights lately and she does great!
She is still wearing size 3 diapers, size 4 shoes, size 12-18mo and 18 month clothes. 

She wants to do everything that Bryce does.  The other day I was putting a tattoo on Bryce's arm and she kept patting her arm and she wasn't satisfied until she got one too.  When Bryce is done with his milk in the morning, he puts his empty cup in the sink.  Now Emmy stands by the sink and says (uh uh) until I lift her up to throw her cup in too!  

It will be nice when she has even more words.  Right now she points to everything and I can't always decipher what it is that she wants.  She also points at the table and keeps poking her finger until I give her what she wants. 

Every stage has been fun, but I am loving her at this age.  She is changing everyday and so fun to interact with. 
How cute are Taylor and Emmy in their matching dresses PaPa brought back from Mexico!
And for a comparison, here is Bryce at 17 months.


Shipley Mommy said...

That dress is fabulous Emmy!!!! You are such a sweet big girl--and you love your cookies don't you :) big brother looks precious at that age too!!!

Shipley Mommy said...

By the way, I need to show you how to change the date when you blog so you won't have to worry about being a day or two late. (I post-date ALL the time! ;) Remind me. :)