Friday, July 26, 2013

five on friday

I finally decided to hop on the Five on Friday bandwagon.  Today I'm linking up with Natasha from Hello! Happiness.

1. Target Cartwheel App - Natasha recently tweeted about this app and I immediately checked it out.  You simply browse Target discounts (between 5-30% off) on items from groceries to furniture and add them to your "cartwheel".  When you check out in the store, you just pull up your cartwheel barcode on your mobile device and they scan it for savings.  I sometimes browse discounts while I'm in the store to see if there is a discount for anything I'm purchasing that day that I can add before checkout.  I have already saved over $9!  Another reason why I love Target.
2. The Children's Place - I don't typically do much shopping for the kids because Jason's sister so generously passes down clothes from her kids.  However, I can't turn down a good sale and there are some basic things I find that I'm always needing to buy for the kids.  The Children's Place is having a huge sale with many things priced at  $2.99 and $4.99.  My mom and I went shopping on Wednesday and came home with all of this great stuff.  I got Bryce 4 pair of jeans for $4.99 each ($3.99 each after a 20% off coupon I had) and two pair of jeans and a sweater dress for Emmy for $2.99 each ($2.39 after my coupon).    
Everything else (except the boots my mom insisted on buying) were also discounted a bit and I had my coupon.  Emmy is always needing pajamas (and all brands are kind of pricy)  so I snagged her 4 pair at $6.40 each with sales and my coupon.  My mom also got the kids each a shirt and I got Emmy a pair of jeggings and we spent just under $100 on 15 items and saved $130.  That's a steal if I do say so myself. 

3. Our garden - Actually I should say, our cucumbers.  We planted cucumbers from seeds this year (not really thinking we'd have much luck) and I'm getting about five a day.  We also have some pumpkins coming up that planted themselves last year after Jason and Bryce smashed them all over our driveway.  Jason was a little lazy with the garden this year so no famous Hanover tomatoes for us this year. 

4. Sunshine Ink Studio - My very talented friend, Beth, is the creator behind this fun Etsy shop.  She has tons of fun designs and has created many things for me from invitations to scripture prints.  You should definitely check out her shop and check back here next week for a fun giveaway!
5. My kiddos - These two keep a smile on my face everyday.  I am so thankful to be able to stay home with them and experience all of their daily changes. 

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