Monday, July 1, 2013

he's home

After a VERY long travel day on Sunday, Jason is home!  Here are a few highlights from his trip.
The purpose of the trip was to travel to Ensenada, Mexico on a mission trip with EOC Yugo to build a house for a family.  In four days, our team of 12 (and some of the camp interns) were able to build this home for this sweet family! 

After the house was done, they were able to enjoy some free time shopping and sight seeing at La Bufadora.  One of Jason's life long dreams came true.  No thank you!

They got back to California late Friday night and then had all day Saturday in Los Angeles.  He went to Venice Beach, Hollywood and then finished the night at a Dodgers game. 

The church bus had a bad battery on the way out of town last Saturday, but they got that taken care of before getting on the road.  The bus started up fine yesterday on their way home, but they quickly learned the alternator was going bad.  Kelly and I ended up driving our cars to Thornburg (in the pouring rain) at about 8:00 last night so we could caravan the group home.  Another family from church went up to bring all their luggage home.  So needless to say, the kids were beyond tired at 10:00 last night when we all go home, but they had enough energy to stay awake for gifts from DaDa.

Jason had planned on going back to work today, but since he had such a long day and the kids were excited to see him, he stayed home and we went to Jumpology and Chick fil a this morning.  We are SO glad to have him home!  I'm also very thankful for Jason's mom, my parents, and our friends who all helped us get through the week. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Look how happy Bryce is to have daddy home! (I know Emmy is too, Bryce is just more expressive in the picture). I know you are also thrilled to have him home once again. And what a great family you have. Not that you forget, but you are one very blessed lady...and very busy! Wow, I am not sure when you had time to miss him! Welcome home Jason! :)