Saturday, August 25, 2012

back from the beach

We spent this past week at the beach and had such a wonderful time!  Bryce loved every second of it and Emmy was a perfect traveler yet again!
The boys get a little braver each year and venture out into the ocean a little more!

This boy can't possibly be my kid, ha!  I can't stand to have a grain of sand on me if I can help it, but he will roll all around in it!

Emmy enjoyed the beach.  She spent most of her time napping, but she stayed awake for some beach fun.

She enjoyed playing in her little pool. 

We spent a lot of time wrapped up in towels on the beach because it was chilly this week.  We had very cloudy mornings which kept the temperatures down.  With the breeze, it was cold!

Emmy girl is going to love the beach just like her brother.  I was impressed that she really didn't try to eat the sand all that much.

Testing out the water.

She loved every second of it.

My sweet babies.

I couldn't get Emmy to look at the water once I took her hat off.

We're so thankful to Jason's parents for taking us to the beach so we can make so many fun family memories!

(I'm sure you're wondering about Jason's hat.  He's just weird, ha!)

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