Saturday, August 18, 2012

family pictures

Sandbridge 2012

I have always wanted to take beach pictures, but never wanted to pay for a photographer.  Since we have gotten better at using our SLR and editing the pictures, we decided to be our own photographers.  Well, we used our camera and Jason's sister took our pictures!

I bought Jason's white shirt at the beginning of the summer and then forgot about the rest of us needing shirts.  I went to Old Navy one day this week and was lucky enough to find a shirt for Bryce, Emmy, and myself.  I even found jean shorts for Emmy girl.

I'm really excited about how the pictures turned out.  Even though someone was squinting or looking away from the camera in most of the shots, I think we found a few worth framing!

The best part.........we just got to the beach today!  I'm excited to have it behind us and not have to worry about weather, time and sunburn later in the week.

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