Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March

Where did February go?  The days just seem to fly by.  Bryce is getting older and more independent and I see my little baby growing up too fast!  He seems so grown up and I have so much fun talking to him as he can carry on a great conversation!  This morning he told me he and Dada were going downstairs to play with his cool toys.  I asked if I could go and he said, "No, Mama, just boys."  Ha!  Here he is playing trains this morning.

When I got home today we played trains some more.  I was able to get the last set of tracks set up that he got for his birthday and it really expanded the railway!  Thomas has definitely come to life in our living room.

Chase and Taylor gave Bryce this guitar.  It also plugs into a microphone and you can sing while you play.  I was able to get him to sing a little for me tonight so I recorded it.  I missed the first part, but it's still good!

"Jesus Loves Me"

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