Sunday, March 6, 2011

another birthday and other random stuff

With Jason's immediate family living so close, there is always a birthday to celebrate.  Today we celebrated Jason's aunt Vickie's birthday.  Bryce and Chase liked wearing the party hats and eating ice cream cake!

Bryce and I did some toy box cleaning this weekend and restocked the toy box in the car, threw out some toys in the downstairs toy box, and did some major organization with the play room toys.  I'm a little OCD about organization.  Once I organized Bryce's toy bins, I took a picture of them, then put the picture on the front of the bin so Bryce will be able to put his toys in the proper place.  It may take a while (years) until he gets it, but it's worth a try.

Bryce got some play dough for his birthday and he absolutely loves it.  We keep it at his table in the kitchen and it keeps him entertained for quite a while!

 It's back to the grind tomorrow, but we sure did have a fabulous weekend!

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