Monday, March 21, 2011

catching up

I went in late to work today so Bryce and I could catch up from being apart over the weekend.  We had a nice morning of playing, laundry, a run to the bank , grocery shopping and some more playing.  Bryce was absolutely giddy when we got home last night.  He just laughed and laughed when we talked to him.

I promise the iPhone obsession will wear off soon and I will go back to taking pictures with a real camera, but it has been so nice to just pull out my phone, take a picture, post it to facebook, and then use them on the blog once I'm at my laptop. 

Bryce told me last week that he wanted a pair of sunglasses like Chase's.  It was my mission to find Thomas sunglasses this weekend, but I only came across alligator (or maybe they are crocodiles).  He was happy just the same!

Did you notice that Bryce was wearing a Santa train shirt today? I hid the shirt at the bottom of a drawer after Christmas because he wanted to wear it everyday.  I was switching clothes over today for the warmer weather and he spotted it.  I tried to get him to take it off because he had a new basketball shirt on underneath it, but there was no chance!

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