Wednesday, August 4, 2010

summer birthdays

I have always enjoyed having my birthday in the summer. However, I sometimes wonder about my students and their birthdays. The students that have birthdays during the school year get to celebrate with their classmates and bring in cupcakes and live it up for a day. I try to do a summer birthday celebration at the end of the year so the other students can have their chance to shine. Well, it turns out that all of the teachers on my grade level have summer birthdays. Last year I started our annual summer birthday lunch. It is really a great time because we never seem to get together over the summer. We say goodbye in June and then reunite in August/September. We went out to eat last year, but this year I decided to host so I could show off our new (undecorated house).
Here is a picture of the table all set and ready to go. I took this shot so you could see some of the room. I have picked out fabric and I'm going to have roman shades made for the windows. The walls are currently white and off white. I'm going to paint them a bluish color.

The food table.
I made a granny smith apple and poppy seed dressing salad, macaroni salad, chicken salad with mini croissants and grape salad. Nothing better than a salad lunch on a hot summer day.

We had strawberry pie for dessert.

Here are the lovely ladies I spend my days with September through June.

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