Thursday, August 5, 2010


We went to our neighborhood National Night Out event on Tuesday night and they had a bounce house that Bryce absolutely loved. I decided to take him to Inflatable Palace today so he could jump some more. He was scared to death as soon as we walked in. I guess the sound of the fans pumping air into the inflatables was too much for him. The nice thing about this place is that they have a play area for younger kids with two inflatables and a huge area with toys.
Bryce enjoyed the slide. He insists on holding my hand to go down.

He could have played in this kitchen all day. It cracked me up how much he had to stretch and stand on his tip toes to open the cabinets.

Bryce was really attracted to the baby doll toys. He was determined to get into the baby doll carrier. ( I don't know why this picture uploaded in this direction. It was right on my camera.)

He finally made his way in, but he wasn't so happy once he had to figure out how to get out.

This is the only proof I have to show that Bryce actually did get on the inflatables. I went in a regular bounce house with him and he jumped a little, but he definitely didn't enjoy it as much as he did the other night.

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