Monday, August 23, 2010


I am so not a do-it-yourself(er). I would much rather buy something the way I want it or pay someone to do it than to do the work myself. However, I decided to tackle a little project today. My mom found this old rocking chair of mine so I decided to paint it so Bryce could use it on the front porch. I know many of you are laughing right now at what a small task this really was, but for me it was a big deal, ha! I sanded the chair down a few weeks ago (I guess that was the hard part), but didn't have the time to paint it. I pulled out the spray paint today and in a few short minutes and a really tired index finger later.........
I think he likes it. Now we just need matching chairs for us!
Bryce loves the lawnmower (when it's in the garage). He always wants to sit on it and drive it. Tonight he was watching Jason cut the grass so Jason took him for a spin. It took him a few minutes to calm down, but Jason made him suffer through and he actually really enjoyed it.

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