Saturday, August 21, 2010

north carolina

We took a little road trip this weekend to see my dad and step mom (Bryce's Nina and Pop). We left on Friday morning and got down there in time for lunch. We enjoyed relaxing, catching up, and watching a little TV while Bryce took his afternoon nap. My stepsisters and their families came for dinner and it was great to see everyone.

This morning we went to a local mall and played on the playground. Bryce had a ball. Here is Jason teaching Bryce to go the "wrong" way down the slide. Some teacher is going to be telling him not to do that on the playground at school one day and saying how I should have know better than to teach him that, ha!

He was honestly moving at a snails pace!

We had a great visit and we got home in time to do a few things around the house this afternoon. What a great weekend and we still have Sunday!

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