Friday, December 30, 2016


Jason and I went to Virginia Tech our freshman year of college and both ended up transferring home our sophomore year.  Even though we didn't graduate from Tech, I feel like we can say, "once a hokie, always a hokie".  So needless to say, we're big fans, and so is Bryce.  This year their bowl game was in Charlotte and we already had plans to be in Raleigh the day of the game, so we drove down to see it!

We left bright and early Thursday morning. 

Bryce's (and Emmy's) first Tech game, and a bowl game at that.

Jason did a good job with our seats!

The state of Virginia



We didn't really need binoculars, but they were still fun to have!

The first half of the game was awful (we were down 24 to 0)!!  Emmy asked for a bucket of popcorn at half time so I figured that would be good entertainment for the second half of the game.

Little did we know they would turn things around and actually play some football.

If you didn't hear, we won 35-24!!  Greatest comeback in school history!

This guy (Sam Rogers) is from our town and has a great back story!  We had a little connection to his family so we were able to arrange a meet and greet after the game and Bryce got him to autograph his hat!  This was his last game as he's a senior this year and was getting ready to sign with his agent when he finished with Bryce so this was quite an honor and a pretty great memory for Bryce's first Tech game!  

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