Monday, December 5, 2016

a fun festive day

Here we are dressed and ready for church on Sunday!  We had a day full of festive activities so we dressed the part!

Our town has an annual Christmas parade and it comes right down our street.  We always invite a bunch of friends over to watch.  Before our guests arrived, I went down and visited with our neighbors.  It's been too long since we've all hung out!

After the parade started, our neighbors all made it down to our house to visit.

It was a bit cold and overcast so we bundled up to stay warm.

Love these two!

The parade always ends with Santa on the fire truck!

When under the mistletoe......

We had a little time after the parade before we had to be back at church for our hanging of the greens service where we decorate the sanctuary for Christmas.

Bryce picked a high branch so Nana had to give him a lift.  

Emmy needed a lift too.

The kids performed as part of the service and Bryce was an innkeeper.  

Of course, Emmy was and angel.  

Here are a few videos of the songs they performed.  

Bryce had a speaking part, but I didn't get any of his lines on video. 

I love Bryce's jazz hands in the first video!