Friday, December 16, 2016

christmas fun

We broke out the Christmas outfits for school this week!  Ready for school on Tuesday morning.  

Wednesdays outfit was made complete with red and green nails!

We dressed it up a bit for her party on Thursday. 

This was the only picture I got from her party on Thursday.  Her teacher organized a book exchange between classmates.  I'm the room mom and I planned a fun nativity stained glass craft, lunch and Bingo!  

Bryce got in on the Christmas attire but I forgot to take his picture on Wednesday, but I got this cute one on Thursday.  I took him to school this day so he could deliver teacher gifts. 

Today was pajama day for their class party.  I planned a fun gingerbread house decorating activity as well as lunch and Bingo.  

It's been a fun and busy week, but I'm worn out!

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