Friday, December 16, 2016

this and that

Jason found out last Friday that he passed a test he took back in November.  It was a difficult test, but he worked hard to prepare!  We were so excited so we bought a balloon and met him at work.

We even took him out to lunch to celebrate!

Pap's birthday was last Friday so we had a little party complete with pizza, cake and a present for my mom!  I can only imagine the celebration Pap had on his first birthday in heaven.  

I took the kids out to do their own random act of kindness on Sunday night.  We left free slurpee coupons on all the machines at 7-eleven.  

We took Nanny and Nana on a tacky light tour Sunday night!

We ventured outside of Mechanicsville this year and saw some great houses.  

All the houses were very interactive.

We have a few more houses we hope to visit before Christmas.

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