Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas RAKs

My friend Kathryn had the fun idea of doing a girls night out and doing random acts of kindness.  We headed out Thursday night for an evening of blessing others.  

Our first stop was at McDonald's for a little snack for us and then we paid for the customer behind us.  We also gave the cashier a Christmas treat.

Next we went to Krispy Kreme and got 2 dozen warm glazed donuts and two bags with two donuts each.

We delivered the donuts to a local fire station.  We gave one of the bags of donuts and a few dollars cash to a homeless man and the other bag of donuts to a Target employee who was out in cold retrieving shopping carts.  

We have a favorite house on the tacky light tour near us so we left them a donation and a little Christmas snack.  

Our next stop was Target.  We purchased six $5 gift cards and spread them throughout the store.  

Diapers can get expensive so we placed a gift card on a big box for a lucky mom!

Milk is a necessity so we put one in the refrigerator.  

Not pictured (We stuck one to a bathroom stall in the ladies room, put one on children's cough medicine, stuck one inside a favorite book, and put one on a large pack of toilet paper.)

Also at Target, we bought a Starbucks gift card and asked the cashier to use if for the next few people who came through the line.  We also picked up some diapers while we were there and did a ding dong ditch delivery to a new mom.  We may have gotten caught, but it made for a hilarious story!

We made a Chick Fil A run for milkshakes and delivered them to nurses at our local hospital.  

We left a treat at the Redbox for someone to enjoy with their movie. 

We gave treats to the gas station attendants at two different Kroger stores.  

Kathryn had also purchased fleece to make no sew blankets so we helped tie those up before heading out on our adventure.  

We had such a fun time blessing others and it was a great night spent with friends.  We're already planning next year's trip!

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