Sunday, April 12, 2015

the jacklocks go camping

Bryce was on spring break this week so we planned a fun camping trip with our neighbors, the Jacksons.  We have officially deemed ourselves "the Jacklocks".  We set off for Westmoreland State Park on Friday morning and checked in around lunch time.
We had rainy weather all week and the forecast had called for bad storms on Friday so we decided not to set up camp right away and opted to explore first.  We chose this campground because they are known for sharks teeth (Fossil Beach). 
We found 4 sharks teeth!  (Clearly this picture was taken once we got home, not on the beach).

After the beach adventure, we did a little hiking back to our campsite.

The route we took back was much longer than the way down.  Ice cream was much deserved when we returned!

The kids played while we got the fire going and fixed dinner.

We had a passing shower and storm after dinner, but it didn't slow us down!  We went out to a lookout deck and watched the storm across the water and then posed for a selfie before heading back to camp to go to bed.
I woke up to this sweet scene on Saturday morning.  The kids did SO well on the trip!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a night of tent camping!

A little donut breakfast before we got the real breakfast going.

The kids really loved having Mady and Will to play with.

After breakfast we packed up and headed to the beach.  It was a beautiful day, but the water was freezing and the wind made it very cold.

They're so good at posing for me!

Jason always starts the fun!

We spent a little time rock hoping and catching some rays!

I'm so thankful Jason is good at playing at the beach.

Courtney and I were too busy huddling under my towel to stay warm out of the wind.

There was no playing on the beach for me or sunburn for that matter, ha!

Despite the cold, it really was a fun place and we made the best of it.

Anyone seen Bryce?

We had some lunch and packed up and headed home.  We had a really great time and look forward to the next adventure with this fun family!

I put this flag out before we left.  Memories were definitely made and Courtney and Mady did a much better job documenting them than me!

Thanks for a fun weekend, Jacksons and thanks for these pictures that I "borrowed".
The Girls

The Boys

The Kids

The Jacklocks

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