Friday, April 3, 2015

field day

I was never a big fan of field day when I was teaching, but it was kind of fun going to Bryce's today!  The class started off rotating through 3 bounce houses!
Emmy loves tagging along and being an honorary kindergartener!

After the bounce houses it was time for a Kona Ice break!

Emmy can't wait for her real turn in kindergarten!

Next it was onto the relay races.  All lined up and ready.  Bryce's class wore blue for field day.

First was a pizza delivery relay.

Then there was a hoola hoop toss.

The last relay was using a sponge to fill up a container with water.  The last event was a race around the track (that was Bryce's favorite part) and a dash with 4 students at a time!  Bryce was excited to come home with us after field day and start his spring break a little early!

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