Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This winter was cold and long.  With cold comes laziness for me.  I had great intentions of doing a pretty intensive bible study to follow up reading through the whole Bible last year and I completely failed!  Confession:  I have not even picked up the bible study this year.  What in the world have I been doing, you ask?  I've been watching Parenthood.  I kept hearing a lot about how good this show was and that it was ending.  I don't watch a lot of tv since we don't have cable and Jason and I only follow 2 or 3 tv shows.  However, Netflix makes it easy to get side tracked and side tracked is what I was this winter.  I can sadly say I watched all 6 seasons of Parenthood from January to March.  I'm not proud of it, but I loved the show! 
Now that warmer weather is coming, I'm looking forward to getting outside on the deck and putting my nose in a book while Emmy naps rather than watching mindless tv.  I bought Sophie's book the day it came out and read half of the first chapter and never picked it up again.  I love a good book and I want to get back to reading.

I've got to hurry up and finish Sophie's book, because Melanie is coming our with her third book in about a week.  I'm so looking forward to this book!

I really enjoyed hearing these two Christian women speak in Charlotte last year!  If you ever want an uplifting read or a good chuckle, you should follow their blogs. 
Melanie - Big Mama Blog
And what about that bible study??  Today is April 1.  A perfect day to get back in the routine of quiet time in the morning before I get my day started!

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Melissa said...

Umm...I hate winter and would have binge watched an entire show if I'd been home enough for it. I still want to watch Parenthood and may have to try it out while I'm awake at all hours with Caffrey.
Have you read anything by Elyse Fitzpatrick? We did a study from her book, "Good News for Weary Women", and I loved it!