Thursday, April 2, 2015

egg hunt round 1

Bryce had his Easter party and egg hunt at school yesterday.  Emmy was excited to help hide the eggs!
She was so proud to be helping.

While the eggs were in plain sight and easy to find, each kid had to find all of their eggs with a certain number on them (basically having to look at every single egg).  There were over 400 eggs!

Emmy has become best buds with a little girl in Bryce's class.  Whenever she found an egg, she would let Emmy put it in her basket!

Cookies and juice after the hunt!

Emmy can't wait to have her turn at school next year!

A little class picture with a little sun in their eyes, ha!

Checking out the goods once he got home!

We have two more egg hunts planned for the weekend and Emmy is excited about her turn!

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