Sunday, September 22, 2013

these two

Bryce and Emmy have gotten to the age where they don't play so nicely together anymore.  Things always start off well.  How can you go wrong when they both have the "same" toy?!?
Emmy eventually gets bored and does her own thing.

Bryce likes to torture his sister so he goes straight to her bike (his old bike) when she leaves it alone.

Emmy immediately sees what he's doing and runs after him to tell him "NO".  How cute is that outfit?!?

After he gets a turn, he gives Emmy the bike back and returns to his own.  Happy all the while that he messed with his sister.  He's a stinker! 

I look forward to when they play well together again.  It may never happen again!


Melissa said...

That outfit is too precious!

Sara said...

Ava was just about Emmy's age when the fighting and picking started. Still *patiently* waiting for it to end ;-)

Shipley Mommy said...

As funny as it is, I love that you captured this little sibling moment. And Emmy looks so fashionable while screaming "noooooo!!!!!" Ah, sibling "love." One minute they are fighting in this house, the next they are saying "want to play with me?!" I don't think I will ever be able to keep up with the ups and downs.