Monday, September 9, 2013

Emmy at 19 months

Emmy turned 19 months on Friday.  We've been too busy for me to capture any pictures or to sit down and do a little write up until now.  She has mastered the cheese face!
She may have mastered the cheese face, but she'll only do it when she wants!

My little gymnast.

Baby dolls and money (see the credit card in her left hand) are her favorite things.  She also has an addiction to phones.  She comes by it honest though.  I was obsessed with phones as a kid and that's the only toy I ever wanted from the store.

We went to Pet Smart the other day while Bryce was in school.  She loved the animals and the one on one time with me.

She loves Macy and my parents' dogs.  She can say Macy and she calls Abby (babby), but she hasn't attempted Ginger yet.  Here she is asleep on Ginger the other day while Jason and I were at the river with our church youth group.

Some other things:
My mom always pats Emmy's back when she is coughing/choking.  She has taken it upon herself to pat her own back if no one does it for her.  So cute.
She definitely doesn't have the vocabulary Bryce did at this age, but each day she seems to be learning a new word and is experimenting with repeating words and saying others on her own. 
She can recognize a circle and a heart.  She says 2 after I say 1 and she can usually recognize the colors purple and yellow. 
Sometimes I feel like I have not done enough with her because Bryce was so far ahead of her at this age and I see other kids her age doing so much more, but I know every kid develops on their own time.  She is however, very aware of what's going on and is very good about following directions and doing the things asked of her.
She still seems to be experimenting with learning to use the potty.  This is pretty exciting! 
She is still wearing a size 3 diaper, she is about into a size 5 shoe, and her clothes are mostly 18 month (some smaller, some larger).
She loves milk and asks for it all the time.  She also knows that I love diet coke and she's always asking for coke too!  Whenever she is hungry she says "lunch".
She is a girl after my own heart.  She likes everything in its place and will stop what she is doing if something is out of place and she puts it back to normal.  Type A like her Mama.  Probably not a good thing!
We're headed to the allergy doctor on Wednesday to ease my mind about a possible peanut allergy.  She has had a few reactions to peanut butter that have me concerned.  I'm worried she may have some other allergies too.
Bryce at 19 months.

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Shipley Mommy said...

You just keep marching to your own drum Emmy--you are precious in every way and God has big plans for you little girl.

..which is so easy to say to another mom, when I myself still to this day worry about the development of my youngest child. His sister was always leaps and bounds ahead of where he was at the same age. People would tell me to stop comparing them when I would voice my concerns. Sounds easy in theory, but I always worried. I still do, I have just learned to be selectively vocal about it. I never worried something was wrong with him, I figured I was failing him as a parent. I mean, I parented her and she knew 1-20 and was nearly reading before Kindergarten. I was so sure that I was not giving him the attention he needed.

I say all of that to say, I can look at you and Miss. Emmy and see the precious bond you two have, and there is not a moment or opportunity missed!

And, I will pray for both of you and tomorrow!!