Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday

If you've found me through the link up today, I linked up from my phone because our internet wasn't working and for some reason when my picture was cropped, only my feet showed up and it posted my mobile version so it's a little blury. Oh well.
I'm linking up with Darci and the girls again this week for five on Friday.  We've been super busy this week with doctors appointments, Tuesday night church starting back up and baseball practice so I was kind of lazy with my 5.  I kept it simple and went with all things pumpkin.  I've already shared my love of the Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice donut and the pumpkin cheesecake cookies I found from Pepperidge Farm, but I have a few more pumpkin favorites.  And since I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm not including the infamous PSL from Starbucks!  I wish I liked coffee because I so want to try it.  Maybe there's a way to add the pumpkin spice to their hot chocolate.  However,  I'm not sure how that would taste. 

I love this Weight Watchers pumpkin muffin recipe I've been using for years.  All you need is a box of cake mix (I always use spice cake), one can of pumpkin, and one cup of water.  I know that some people don't add the water, but I think it makes the cake more moist. 

I came across this pumpkin cake mix yesterday at Target and thought it would be perfect for the pumpkin muffins.  I might have to make these this weekend since the temperature might finally be below 80.  That counts as fall, right?! 


I LOVE ice cream.  And I really love this Edy's pumpkin ice cream.  I had forgotten all about it until I was trying to think of 5 pumpkin things to post.  I can't wait to go back to the store and see if they have stocked it yet.


Pumpkin Pancakes!  I'm not actually sure I've had IHOP's pumpkin pancakes, but when I saw them advertised last year, I searched for a pumpkin pancake recipe and we made them a few times at home.  YUM!!


Another Target find yesterday.  These pumpkin cereal bars (with vanilla filling) sounded kind of yummy.  I can't wait for breakfast! 

Target had these pumpkin spice M&Ms advertised in the Sunday paper this past weekend and I've been on the hunt ever since.  I haven't found any yet, but I've got my eyes peeled.  I got the candy corn M&Ms last year and the white chocolate was just too sweet for me.  I'm worried the pumpkin spice flavor might be too strong. 

Do you have any other pumpkin favorites I need to know about?  Did you get tired of reading the work pumpkin?  I sure did!  I ended up going back and counting how many times I typed it (19) since it sounded so repetitive.  I just wanted to express my love of pumpkin (20)!!


Sarah said...

I'm loving all of the food choices this week, especially that ice cream. I'll have to look for that on Sunday when we go to the store!

Our Journey

Brownie's World said...

Slight pumpkin addiction? It all looks so yummy! Have a great weekend!

Stephanie @ Tailgatequeen said...

Nothing says fall like all the grocery stores and brands bringing out their pumpkin spice flavors! My favorite!

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