Thursday, September 26, 2013

how has it been four days since I last posted

Today was one of those days.  One where I totally lost my cool by the end of the day.  It's not good that it happened, but it did.  Now we just go to bed and pray that tomorrow is better.  It has to be, right?!?
I took this sweet picture of Emmy and her friend Avery last week at a birthday dinner for one of my good friends.  Bryce's photo bomb in the back is lovely!
I worked on getting the porch ready for fall this week.  We have a MOPS event and a preschool field trip at a local vegetable farm in the coming weeks so I'm sure we'll pick up a few more small pumpkins to add to the mix.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I thought about putting mums in my planters, but I'm not quite ready to get rid of my geraniums yet!

Emmy had a fun play date with the girls on Wednesday while Bryce was at school.  Don't worry, Bryce got to go home from school with a friend for a play date, too! 

The girls had a great time in the playhouse.  We're considering getting the kids a playhouse for Christmas because they both enjoy playing in them.

Emmy loves to take books to bed.  When I checked the monitor last night and saw that Emmy had fallen asleep like this, I had to go up and take a picture (and move the book). 

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and Friday at that!! 


Melissa said...

Your porch is really coming together nicely! We still haven't taken down our summer flag and wreath. Guess it's time to get on that.

Shipley Mommy said...

Poor mama! I was hoping your day was going to get better after our morning together :( I bet Friday was awesome though...right?!! :)